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Zoönomia - Who we are
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Who we are

Who we are

Zoönomia is a group of biologists, naturalists and vets born in 1999 with the aim of contributing to the conservation
of biodiversity on an international scale; it operates in the field of scientific divulgation and research projects and particularly:

  • research on cetaceans both in the wild and in captivity, aimed at their conservation;
  • support the training of young experts in the field through the organization of specialized courses
    for university students;
  • organization of courses and conferences about the aquatic environment for the general public.

Zoonomia is a non-profit organization, with its registered office at via Azzurra 20 in Bologna.
R.E.A. (Repository of economic and administrative information) number 409872
Tax code /VAT 02051421200

Founding members:

  • President: Alessandro Bortolotto
  • Vice President: Silvio Bortolotto
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Landuzzi
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