Other courses

These courses are open to the general public and include both classes and daily trips at sea.
The topics are varied: ecology and behavior with particular reference to the species in the Mediterranean, features that distinguish the order Cetacea based on their anatomy and physiology, methods for the study at sea, interactions with fishing gears, etc.
The course is made by means of slides, footages and sound recordings. Attendees will receive educational material, and at the end of the course a certificate of participation.

What people say

Lia Mazzini
for the passion that we put into your work, the energy and the enthusiasm with which you send your knowledge, your knowledge of years of study and research ... thank you because in my small case give me the hope that one day might do something for these beautiful animals ... it's just the beginning because I will continue to follow you everywhere! ahahahhahaha! ... will not get rid of me :) grazieeee Alex Angi Millwood and Thad!
8 ottobre 2013 alle ore 8.33

Elena Ziveri
The experience of this weekend was fantastic, I've always had an admiration for these animals so fantastic, and seeing them up close was exciting, especially for the provision of information which you have given me, me information and notions that make them look even more admiration. Not being able to touch even just for 2 minutes or a fraction of a second it was very difficult, however, respect and understand (just now) that the decision was taken not to make them more touch to outsiders. A special thanks to all of you teachers and trainers for the patience and the wonderful things you have taught me .... THANK YOU VERY HEART (google translator is great :))
14 ottobre 2013 alle ore 11.14

Tatiana Ronchetti
What a wonderful weekend! Thanks a lot to Alessandro Bortolotto and Precision Behavior for all the interesting things explained. It was a great opportunity for me. And also thanks to all the trainers for the beautiful job they do!! And the last thanks but not the least, to elisa bellucci for the fantastic language support!! I hope to see you soon!!
14 ottobre 2013 alle ore 20.41

Specialist courses

These courses are presently held in Italy only but they can also be taught in English.
See content by accessing the Italian versions.