Animal training - Introductory course

Day 1
Introduction to Instructors & Course
Fundamental Concepts
Standards & Ethical Considerations
Basic Anatomy/ Biology of Dolphins
Practical Application - Meet Dolphins (your “other” instructors)
The Learning Elements
Clear Cuing/Signalments
Bridging Fundamental Skills
Introduction to Consequences
Training Game Activity
Concepts Wrap-up
Day 2
Introduction to Reinforcement Schedules
Making the Most of Toys, Play & Other Fun Activities
The Shaping Process
Play in Wild Animals
Dealing with Unwanted Behavior
Introduction to Aggression in Animals
Natural Aggression in Wild Animals
Group & Individual Photo
Concepts Wrap-up
Course & Instructor Evaluation
Course Completion Ceremony
Group Dinner (optional - not included in course fee)
2 practical application dolphin demonstrations daily

Previous dates:

Tampere (Finland), 1-2 nov 2014


Upcoming dates

to be defined


COMBO REGISTRATION (both courses, introductory and advanced)

529 euros per person registering for both courses - early bird registration

599 euros per person registering for both courses - standard registration

674 euros per person registering for both courses - late registration

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