Elena Guglielmi

Degree in Veterinary Medicine, 1998 (University of Parma, Italy)

She has over 15 years of experience in taking care of cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea turtles and several fish species.

She worked as a consultant for a number of zoos and aquaria in Italy, Malta and Portugal.

She also contributed to the writing of the Italian National Guidelines for marine mammal strandings and took part to the CERT (Cetacean Stranding Emergency Response Team).

Present or past member of CSC, EAAM and EAAM Vet committee, ECS, SIVAE and WAVMA



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Zoönomia collaborates with several friends and colleagues with whom we are in tune for modality and professionalism.
Find out more about these collaborations and visit their websites to learn more about them
Precision Behavior: www.precisionbehavior.com
Precision Behavior

Alessandro Bortolotto

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Born in Milan in 1966, he loved the animal world since his childhood, showing a marked preference for marine mammals.
Degree in Biological Sciences, 1993 (University of Milan)
Dissertation "The structure of the lungs in Cetacea: phylogenetic considerations"

PhD in Veterinary Medicine, 2005 (University of Padoa, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Veterinary Experimental Sciences)
Thesis "Osmoregulation and plasma antidiuretic hormone levels in selected marine mammals"

Degree in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, 2011 (University of Urbino, branch of Pesaro)
Dissertation "Arabic loanwords in standard Kiswahili".

Full member of Centro Studi Cetacei since 1986; since 1999 member of the Board (up until August 2014) and President of the network from 2004 to 2011. He took part to several workshops on marine mammals in many countries; he also cooperated to several research projects. Member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) - revisor of scientific papers presented to the Hawaii conference (1999), member of European Cetacean Society (ECS) since 1991, member of Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali (SISN), member of Società Italiana Autori ed Editori (SIAE). He was also full member of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) and professional member of the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association (IMATA). He was Head of Science (since 1990 to 1999) of the Fondazione Cetacea ONLUS. Founder and president of the no- profit association Zoonomia. Consultan for Mundo Aquatico/Zoomarine Portugal (from 1999 to 2004) and then Head of Zoology and Science (from January 2005 to october 2005 and from april 2006 to march 2008) of Zoomarine Italia and contract professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Padoa University (from 2003 to 2006). He has been working as a consultant for the Merlin Entertainments Group and for Oltremare Srl as a Scientific Coordinator (from June 2012 to October 2013).

More info at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/alessandro-bortolotto/65/73b/88/en

Name's origin

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Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) was one of the most remarkable men of his time, and the author
of original discoveries.
He was among the first to support the variability of species in a time when it was widely thought
of their fixity and immutability.

"Zoönomia" is the title of one of his works published in 1794, in which the author is freed from the constraints of the eighteenth-century materialism and exposes its biological vision in terms of dialectic, in some respects singularly modern. Reading his pages it appears that he had understood the doctrine of the mutability of species. Now the only missing points were the studies, research and discoveries that his nephew Charles then dedicated to the development of Erasmus's ideas.

To read his work, download an Ebook version by following this link.